Audit Committee

Audit Committee

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The audit of PT Multi Indocitra Tbk is conducted by Internal Auditor and External Auditor, monitored by Audit Committee, to ensure Company's compliance of Good Corporate Governance.

Audit Committee

Audit Committee's Duties

Audit Committee of the Company is tasked to support the Board of Commissioners' supervision duties, namely:

  • To ensure the effectiveness of the internal control systems which should minimize the chances of deviation in managing the Company.
  • To identify matters that need special attention by BOC, including the compliance of the Company towards the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • To review and analyze the financial information issued by the Company.
  • To review the compliance of the Company towards the prevailing capital market regulations and other laws and regulations related to the Company’s business.
  • To review the implementation of Internal Audit works.
  • To report to BOC on any risks that the Company are facing and the risk management implemented by the BOD.


Composition of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee comprised 3 (three) including 1 (one) Commissioner as the Chairman.


Audit Committee Meetings

Audit Committee conducted 6 meetings throughout 2015. All member of the Committee attended all the meetings with 100% attendance rate.

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